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Motorbikes…. In the early 1990’s my parents bought us a PW50 – this is ‘when it all began’. A childhood spent tearing around a field (whilst commentating my own make-believe races!) fuelled my passion for motorbikes. A couple of upgrades later and I started Motocross on a Honda 80 Bigwheel aged 12 and was ferried around the South East accompanied by my team manager, mechanic, sponsors and supporters (also known as Mum and Dad). In 2006 my second year I was 3rd in the Mid Sussex Club Championship. Plenty of great memories have come from motocross; the thrills of the tracks, berms and jumps, the welcome we had when we were starting out relatively clueless and the people we met along the way. 
2005 saw the start of my apprenticeship as a car mechanic and also the start of my road racing career. I started out in the Aprillia 125 Championship, coming third in my second year of racing. We travelled around the country, racing at tracks such as Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Snetterton, Cadwell Park and my all time favourite Oulton park. In 2007 the move to the Triumph Triple Challenge was my best season on record, when I won the championship. I was living my motorbike dream at 19, then the bank holiday of August 2008 I was in a crash at Cadwell Park when racing the Team Buff 675 Triumph in the British Supersport 600 class. I came off the bike and was struck by two following bikes, suffering a serious head injury. Two things saved my life in 2008, the emergency medical care I was given (including the air ambulance) to whom I will be forever grateful and my ‘Lid’. For this reason, Lid Lamps is a venture that is dear to my heart.
Six months after the crash I was given the ok by the doctors and was back on a bike and racing in the British Superstock 600. It was a bitter sweet year 2009; still suffering from severe memory loss I had to stop riding for another 8 months but this was also the year that I met my ‘brolly dolly’ and future wife Kim. In 2010 I returned to racing and won the Triumph Triple Challenge, what a priceless feeling that was to be on top of the podium once again. I carried on racing till 2012 when another serious crash on board the Haribo Triumph bike in pre-season testing left me unable to ride for another year.
In 2015 I set up my own business as a self-employed mobile mechanic and a year later I sold my beloved Mitsubishi Evo for a more family suitable car. Kim and I started the most exhilarating and exhausting ride of our lives…. a family of our own! Two children and a long list of entrepreneurial ideas later, I had the ‘light bulb moment’ (pun intended!) of a lamp in the shape of a motorbike helmet for people like me that are passionate/ obsessed about bikes.
Something for ‘bikers’ ‘ex-bikers’ ‘wanna-be-bikers’ and the ‘bike enthusiast’ to have in their home to show a subtle bit of personality and individuality.
So I set about designing the perfect motorcycle helmet table lamp.  The perfect gift from friends and family to those ‘bikers’ to show just how well you know them! 
We have 5 colours to offer and you will find some photos below with a brief explanation to our choices!
Thanks for reading…….. that is my story so far, one that wasn’t possible without the support and encouragement of my family and friends (you know who you are).
We hope you love our Lid Lamps as much as we do and any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are a new family business so feedback is welcome - happy shopping!
Managing Director Lid Lamps Ltd 
Our helmet colours and the inspiration behind them; Pink to acknowledge that first bike that started my passion for motorcycles. Red in recognition of my first motocross bike. Blue for those first road racing bikes that had to be sprayed white. White in appreciation for the helmet that saved my life and for the white, red and blue outfit my first and only ‘brolly dolly’ wore! Green as a nod to the offer the team made me when I was recovering in hospital.